Terms of Service

Welcome to the Intelligent Media Buying Ecosystem powered by FixedPie. Your utilization of our cutting-edge services is guided by the following astute terms:

1. Evolutionary Advertising Platform

FixedPie's visionary advertising platform harmoniously connects ingenious large publishers and forward-thinking advertisers, facilitating the presentation of captivating banner and text ads through mutually agreed upon monthly contracts.

2. Financial Transactions and Equilibrium

Advertisers are entrusted with maintaining a minimum account balance of an ad they bought to continue next, ensuring the dynamic equilibrium essential for seamless operations. A nominal 20% fee accompanies refund processing, fostering the fiscal balance needed for sustained innovation. Refund requests are scrutinized with the prudence they deserve.

3. Widening Withdrawal Horizons

Publishers, as stewards of their creative landscapes, are empowered to requisition withdrawals from their account canvas. While we aspire to provide a diverse palette of withdrawal methods, the availability thereof is, at times, influenced by extraneous constraints, beyond our innovative dominion.

4. Synchronicity and Redemption

In the event of temporal dissonance where an ad slot resonates with multiple stakeholders, and a subsequent cancellation orchestrates an intricate dance, the chronologically earliest commitment prevails, while a symphony of account credit harmoniously reverberates.

5. Performance Art of Ads

Should the performance of these meticulously crafted digital artifacts deviate from the anticipated crescendo, patrons are bestowed with the power to compose reviews of transparency, harmonizing the collective experience and nurturing the ecosystem`s symphonic resonance.

6. Temporal Distortion and Foresight

Enlightened advertisers may secure their digital legacy by reserving ad slots for moments that transcend the present. A temporal horizon of up to three months offers fertile ground for sowing the seeds of strategic resonance.

7. Sanctum of Privacy

The sanctity of personal information finds refuge within the chambers of our Privacy Policy, an embodiment of our commitment to shielding and cherishing the digital identities that grace our visionary landscape.

Rating is given carefully to make sure advertisers and publishers enjoy win win deals.

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We discourage

General sites, multiple niche, mixed contents are not good for advertisers, we discourage them.

Sensitive sites

We deal with sensitive sites, that does not mean, we allow destructive, hard illegal sites..

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We offer 5% for publisher refer and 10% for advertiser refer. Know More