Advertiser`s FAQ

Minimum deposit amount?
USD 50

What if publisher refuses to show my banner?
We will refund your credit and you can select another publisher.

What are the strict no no?
Malware in destination url, pure deception, open scamming, guns and anything that can cause us to run for life.

Do you offer refund?
Yes, like all dudes we do not want it, this hurts, seriously. We refund, we value your relationship with us.

Do you offer trial?
Yes, sometimes. For big inventory, we offer 7 days paid trial for onboarding purposes. If and only if respective publisher allow it.

How do you measure traffic?
Analytics from user, paid softwares, 3rd party tracking, data from big sites and long experience.

Can I book in advance?
Yes, most of the advertisers do. If you book a spot for three months in advance, we will keep it away of other users.

How many clicks I will get?
Industry practice is 4-6% for a top banner, 3-4% for bottom. If you have a catchy banner this can raise up to 15%. If you get below 2%, focus on your offer.

Publisher`s FAQ

Is withdraw automatic?
Yes, if you set your withdraw method.

Minimum withdraw amount?
USD 50.

Do I have to wait?
No, once ad serving period is complete, you are ready to receive payment. Ad spot is sold for 30 days.

Withdraw methods?
BTC, USDT, Perfect Money, PayPal and Mobile financial services of most countries. You can ask for any other option if needed. We are more supportive.

Do you have ready buyers?
Yes. If you receive decent amount of quality traffic, we have ready buyers, unless you have pricing issue. For example in case of dating niche, we have FriendFinder, Tinder, SugarDaddy, POF and dozznes are ready.

What are the penalties?
If you adopt any means of fraud, deception you get nothing. We have SEVEN ad media companies with 50+ types of fraud handling experiences.

Affiliate`s FAQ

How much I will get?
We pay 10% for advertisers you refer, 5% for publishers you refer. We pay this from our marketing budget.

Rating is given carefully to make sure advertisers and publishers enjoy win win deals.

List your Website/App

We discourage

General sites, multiple niche, mixed contents are not good for advertisers, we discourage them.

Sensitive sites

We deal with sensitive sites, that does not mean, we allow destructive, hard illegal sites..

Refer Bonus

We offer 5% for publisher refer and 10% for advertiser refer. Know More